Mexican Tacos

Our Food

As our name suggest, we love to cook on charcoal. We are specializing in everything Tandoor and Barbecue but we also want to give you a taste of much more. Our Head Chef, Henric Carlsson, a chef trained in Europe, has also many years of knowledge working in kitchens in Mexico. We think it would be unfair not letting you get a taste of the authentic Mexican Kitchen, whether it is cooked in pans or over fire.

We are proud over our Authentic Ingredients

We are doing our own nixtamalization process for our soft corn tortillas. That means we are honouring a thousands of years old process to make soft flavourful Mexican tortillas full of flavour.

We love chillies

All the world chili peppers originates in the area in or around Mexico, but hundreds of years of cultivation has created thousands of local flavours and varieties all over the world. To make the most authentic cuisine we import some of our chillies from Mexico, grow some ourselves and find the best local varieties as substitutes when it is possible.

Local ingredients – local traditions

We have not forgotten our local flavours and local soil. At Charcoal by Carlsson we love the local flavours as well. Some of our specialities are from the state while some flavours are brought from other corners of India.

We are aware

We constantly train our staff to facilitate your special needs. That means we work hard to be able to serve everyone with special needs, may it be gluten, veganism, lactose or any other special dietary needs.
We are constantly updating our menu and we are currently doing some bigger changes, so keep your eyes out here shortly!